Need a Little Pick Me Up

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Coming on 15 years after the September 11th attacks, and we still haven’t figured out a good way to pick people up from the airport. Here’s the process: Your Pickupee sends you her flight info. You leave the house a half hour before she’s supposed to land. You get to the airport. You pull into the “Arrivals” lane and wait for her. A police officer comes along and tells you you can’t stay there. You drive around again. Same terminal, same cop, Pickupee is still getting her bags. So then you drive around and and finally pull up behind 6 or 7 others who’ve got nowhere to go so they’re on the side of the highway. In danger of getting hit AND getting a ticket. You sit there for the next 20 minutes, staring into your rearview mirror, nervous. Finally your Pickupee texts you that she has her bag. Back to the “Arrivals” lane. You swing by, give a quick hug, throw the bag into the back, and sweep her into the car before you’re shooed away, and then you’re off, totally stressed and in need of a drink before the visit even started! 
Here’s a thought: set aside a section of the short term parking lot for drop offs and pickups. You can park there for half an hour max. It’s not 2 miles away and it doesn’t cost 20 bucks. Hmmm…?       

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