A Challenge A Day

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Do something every day that scares you, Eleanor Roosevelt said. I may be a little old to actually be physically scared every day…I mean, it could be too much for me–my heart could give out, I could lose consciousness, paramedics might need to be called, they could be thinking I’m having a mini-stroke. So I’m going to alter it a bit. Do one thing every day that challenges you. For the past week, my challenge has been to create a multi-media blog. Assignment 1: teach myself iMovie (iPad only–no laptop editing allowed) then create a movie. No more than 1 minute with a beginning, a middle and an end. Here it is. It’s called Roosevelt Island There and Back. I’ve never taken the tram over there before. My metro card got me There. And. Back. My video taking skills are lame and shaky, but we made it—thanks in part to Lou the Tram Operator. He’s from Morristown, NJ and will be able to retire in 2 years. He also likes driving the tram over the East River a whole lot better than driving a stinky old subway train below the East River.

By the way…the challenge a day was making myself actually do a little every day. I’ve been editing audio tape for 30 years and can’t believe I had no idea how to add pictures.

By the way…the movie’s coming. As soon as I can get the laptop back after my son’s latest online game of Minecraft. It could be a while.

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