Who Cares Where You’ll be in 15 years?

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There aren’t many places in New York that are happier than Dylan’s Candy Bar. On the East Side, this mecca to sweets has three levels–bulk on the main floor, parties upstairs, old fashioned candy and fudge downstairs. It’s what Wonka had in mind when he gave out the Golden Tickets, minus the scary boat ride.

Inside Dylan’s, there are not many people happier than Andrew, who cuts pieces of fudge for customers. He asks tourists what kind they want, makes sure they get enough, puts the fudge in little bags, and sends them on their way with a huge smile. He’s really a happy person. Or at least he was…until I got hold of him.

How come, when interviewing people about their jobs, do we reporters feel the need to ask things like, “Is this what you thought you’d be doing when you were in school?” and “Where do you see yourself in 15 years?”

Can’t it be enough just to be happy in the now? It’s so rare to find someone who smiles…on the clock…all day at work…without being told do. Someone who really likes what they do..so why question it?

If Andrew is still cutting fudge at Dylan’s when I go back in 2030, I hope he’s still smiling. 

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