The Strangest Thing I Saw At the White House Correspondents Dinner

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Once a year, Washington DC gets to take off those sensible pumps and nude-colored pantyhose and let her hair down. Throughout White House Correspondents Dinner weekend, there are pre-parties and after-parties and brunches and seminars. There are lunch dates and dinner dates and hotel lobby drinks with old friends. The dinner itself is a weird mixture of journalists, politicians, movie stars, ad execs and corporate bosses. And people take a lot of photos. A LOT of photos. Sometimes of themselves.

Right before the dinner began, I had to run to the bathroom (shocking). In the lobby outside the ballroom, members of the color guard were lining up, before they marched in with the flag. These members of the Armed Forces probably didn’t expect to see this woman run up and take a photo of herself with them:


And maybe they were surprised to see her take another photo of herself:


And then one more:


After that, she took a break.


So she could concentrate on her selfies.




She must not have been happy with the way they looked….


Because just before the color guard marched in…..she marched back….


….And took another selfie!


Never underestimate the power of self-promotion in the form of a long black dress.


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